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Resin Bonded Snagging Wheel
Resin Bonded Snagging Wheel
Resin Bonded Snagging Wheel
Sterling's Snagging Wheels are manufactured for a wide use of heavy stock removal in foundries, welding shops, metal fabricators, steel mills, shipyards etc.
Sterling offers a complete line of engineered snagging wheels of high performance and many types such as Straight Wheels, Flaring Cups, Cones and Mounted Points.
Sterling's Centreless grinding wheels have versatile application in bearing, auto and auto ancillaries, cutting tools, stainless steel bar, fastnerand other general engineering.
Typical Application :
Smoothening of weld seams
Cleaning castings
Preparing surfaces for plating or painting
Billet conditioning
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Material Grading
Cast Iron sub C16 S3 BS
Stainless Steel sub A16 R2 BS
Spring Steel sub A16 S3 BS, A16 R2 BS
Mild Steel sub A16 S3 BS, A16 R2 BS, 7A14P7BS
Manganese Steel sub A16 P7 BS, A16 R2 BS, 7A12 P7BS
High Chrome Steel sub NZ12P,BS,A143 J5 BS, ZA143 L6 BS
Hard Casting & Low Alloy Steel, Cast Steel sub 7A12 R2BS, A163 R2 BS, AC14 R5 BS
Investment Casting sub A16 S3 BS, A14/20 Q5 B, 7A12S3BS
Product Range
Abrasive Dia. Thickness Grit Hardness Structure
A 150-600 20-75 12-24 P - T 2, 3, 5
C 150-600 20-75 12-24 P - T 2, 3, 5
ZA 150-600 20-75 12-24 P - T 2, 3, 5
AC 150-600 20-75 12-24 P - T 2, 3, 5
Commonly Used Size
150 x 25 x 15.88
300 x 40 x 31.75
400 x 50 x 152.4
400 x 65 x 152.4
450 x 50 x 152.4
500 x 75 x 203.2
600 x 75 x 203.2
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