• Segments are generally used on rotary table surface grinding machines. Sterling provides wide range of all purpose shapes, sizes and specifications of segments which are composed with selected abrasives in grits. grades, structures and best bonding system to match any material removal or surface finish requirement from precision tool room grinding to uneven surface production jobs.
  • Suitable for machines like Blanchard, Churchill and John Land, Lumsden, Mattison, Gusti, WMW, TOS, Camut, Snow etc.


Material Grading
Steel Da36 I5 VC8
Steel-Broad Contact (Hardened) MCA36 G5 VC8
Steel-Narrow Contact (Hardened) Aa46 HVC8
Steel-Tool & High speed FS46 H VC8
Die steel AA36 H VSC
Stainless Steel FSW46 G VSC
Cast Iron AA30 H18 VC8, C24 H BS
Bronze, Brass, Ceramic C46 J BS
Component Grading
Bearing Face AA46 G5 VC8
Tool Room AA46 K5 VC8
Industrial Blade (Roughing) A36 M5 BS
Industrial Blade (Finishing) A60 J5 BS
Compressor Valve Plate (Roughing) AA54 K5 BS
Compressor Valve Plate (Finishing) AA150 J5 EEP
Connecting Rod AA46 I5 V15
Washer (Hard Steel) AA30 G23 VSC
Product Range
Abrasive Diameter Grit Hardness Structure
A, C, AA, CG, PA As per sketch 24 – 150 G – M 5 – 8
Commonly Used Sizes
140 X 79 X 20 (with radius)
150 X 80 X 25
150 X 90 X 35
152.4 X 84.14 X 38.1 (with radius)

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