Gear Grinding Wheels

Gear grinding is a finishing process to remove considerable amount of metal after heat. Treatment operation to obtain a predetermined quality. Gear grinding is done to meet the exact requirement of form, dimension and surface texture. Gear grinding gives a very high degree of dimensional accuracy.

Methods of Gear grinding

  • Generating type method – In this process, the wheel progressively approaches the root or the gear from the tip or the gear tooth. Suitable for Machines like Maag & Hoffler.
  • Form / Profile grinding – In this process the Wheel is In constant touch with the work piece.
    Suitable for Machines like Reishauer & Csepel.


Size Conventional Grading Ceramic (CG) Grading
280 X 33 X 90 AA46 I5 V15 3CG46 I5 VC8
307 X 38 X 127 AA36 I5 Vl8N 3CG36 I8 VC8
350 X 25 X 127 PAA46 H8 VP7 3CG46 H8 VSC
350 X 25 X 127 AA46 I16 V18N 2CG46 I10 VSC
350 X 84 X 160 AA100 K6 VSC 3CG 100 K6 VSC
400 X 35 X 127 PAA46 I10 VP7 3CG46 I10 VP7
450 X 29 X 127 PAA46 I7 VP7 3CG46 I8 VSC
450 X 104 X 160 PA100 K5 V1 8N 3CG100 K6 VSC
Product Range
Abrasive Diameter Thickness Grit Hardness Structure
PAA, M, CG 280 – 500 25 – 104 36 – 220 G – K 5 – 7 – 8 – 16

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