Mounted Points, Plugs & Cones, Sticks & Plugs

  • Mounted Points are capable of reaching places inaccessible to larger types of Grinding Wheels. It can be used safely on hi-speed portable grinding machines.
  • Sterling’s Mounted Points are available in various abrasives to suit every need of the end user.

Typical Applications

  • Deburring
  • Tool Sharpening
  • Removing Metal marks and parting lines
  • Finishing cavities
  • Smoothing intricate profiles of castings, forgings
  • Die Grinding
  • Grinding of Steel Rolling Rolls

Standard Spindles

  • Type A – 6 and 6.35mm diameter
  • Type B – 3, 6 and 6.35mm diameter
  • Type W – 3, 6 and 6.35mm diameter

Specification Guide

Abrasive Grit Hardness Bond
A, AA, PA, SA, C, GC 16 – 320 H – T V (Vitrified), B (Resinaid)

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