Roll Grinding Wheels

  • Roll grinding is a specialized form of cylindrical grinding and precision grinding of various kinds of rolls. Roll grinding wheels are used in the re-grinding and production grinding of rolls for the Steel. Brass, Copper, Aluminium, Printing Paper and textile industries.
  • Sterling’s Roll Grinding wheels give excellent finish and are used in grinding work rolls and back-up rolls used In Hot Mills, Cold Mills, Sendzimer Mills, Aluminium Mill, Grinding chrome plated rolls and rubber rolls.
  • Suitable for machines like Churchill, Hercules, Siegen, Bhiman, Meska, Vikas etc.


Type of Rolls Grading
Hardened Steel Rolls A60-1 J5 V15 GC36 I EFP FSW 36 I6 BS GC60 I EEP GC180 I EEP 3A80-1 H12 V 84
Soft Steel Rolls A54 N5 V15
Rubber Rolls C36 I5 EF GC80 J5 V4 C30 J10 BS
Ebonite Rolls AA60 J5 EF
W.P.S & C.I. Rolls AA60 J5 V15 C46 J EEP C320 G EFP
Product Range
Abrasive Diameter Thickness Grit Hardness Structure
A, GC, C, DA, FS, MCA 400 – 915 40 – 100 36 – 320 – 600 G – M 5 – 8
Commonly Used Sizes
510 X 50.8 X 203.2 750 X 65 X 304.8 915 X 75 X 304.8
600 X 50.8 X 203.2 750 X 70 X 304.8 915 X 100 X 304.8
750 X 60 X 304.8 910 X 80 X 305

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